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  • Scott Thomas Petty

    The Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act is a piece of almost unknown legislation in both houses of Congress. The first time I hear of it was this summer in a trip to D.C. it was advertised on one of the subways  was riding. You may not take me seriously on this part but almost 200 people are killed by large cats (tigers,lions etc.) each year. Almost nobody in the 113th Congress has heard of it but please contact your representative and senator(s) and make sure they to bring it through a committee.

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  • Scott Thomas Petty

    First off I would like to say Happy Thanksgiving and what the hell. The Tea Party plans to suceed from the United States if President Obama does not resign. First off a message to the Tea Party you guys f*****g lost the election! Get over it! Obama is the president and you will deal with it. You guys are a group of grumpy old white people who will say anything for attention. Cut the crap stop bullying the minorities for your entertainment. You guys will go down in history as the stupidest people this nation has seen.

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  • Scott Thomas Petty

    DREAM Act

    November 25, 2013 by Scott Thomas Petty

    The DREAM Act passed the United States Senate this summer with bipartisan voice and votes. It now currently awaits a vote from the House of Representatives, the DREAM Act is comprehensive immagration reform legislation. DREAM is the abreviaion for

    • Development
    • Relief
    • Education
    • Alien
    • Minors

    Currently the legislation will not receive a vote because Speaker John Boehnner refuse to put it on the floor for a vote. Here are some quotes from government officials about how the government will help us as a country.

    ​"There is a rich precedent supporting the service of non-citizens in the U.S. military. Since the Revolutionary War, non-citizens have enlisted in the armed forces for service during periods of national emergency. Today, about 35,000 non-citize…

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  • Scott Thomas Petty

    Speaker Boehner successfully signed up for Obamacare in forty five minutes and President bama's Organizing For Action (OFA) reports the Speaker is getting great coverage. The Congressman has made 46 attepts to repeal the law rather than attempt to fix the problems it has had. It's kind of stupid he would do that he talks constantly about how it is bad. He says Obamacare cannot be fixed but yethe is still trying to fix it with the GOP bill that will restore policies (I do suport the bill.)

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  • Scott Thomas Petty

    JFK Assassination

    November 23, 2013 by Scott Thomas Petty

    President John Kennedy fell to the hands of gunman Lee Oswald one day and fifty years ago today. John Kennedy was a WWII warhero in the Navy serving the Pacific campaign. He is remembered during the war for saving his submarine crew after being rammed by a Japanese Warship. Ater th war he successflly ran for Congress and eventually Senate. Now I think right now I am getting boring already, so lets skip ahead, President Kennedy was a heroic leader who saved the United States from nuclear war. He stood with the Civil Rights movement risking his second term election by doing so. That dreadful day in Dallas took the life of a father, a brother, a son, a veteran and a president. May you rest in peace Mr. President.

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